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Children at Weddings: Your Essential Guide

The choice to have children at weddings has long been debated with strong arguments for and against. Some couples want an adult only day, while others opt to invite children within the immediate family only and then there are couples who invite everyone to bring along their kids – every couple are different and their choice should be respected and not taken personally!

Couples have a certain vision for their wedding and if that vision doesn’t include your little Annie and Henry, try not to take it personally, chances are the couple don’t have kids yet so they aren’t even on their radar! Use it as a great excuse for the little ones to have a sleep over at Granny’s and you can enjoy eating a meal while it’s still hot and dancing without s little body clinging to your legs!

children at weddings. How to etertain kids at a wedding

If you are a couple who want to invite children to your wedding day then its worth having a think about how you are going to keep them occupied. Inviting children to your wedding means that you need to consider your mini guests when putting together the details of your wedding.

Children love the thought of going to a wedding as they think it’s like a massive party with pretty dresses and all the cool adults. In reality 10 minutes into the ceremony they are looking for the cake!

We have come up with some fab ideas for keeping your little ones entertained and engaged while also giving the adults the chance to enjoy the day stress free – win win!

Get them involved

Most kids love to be part of it all. It’s their moment to shine and feel very important to have a job and this big wedding that everyone has been talking about forever.

Roles for children at weddings

  • Flower girl and Page Boy – these are traditionally the roles we would give children at weddings and while some love it, others are reluctant so don’t force it if they aren’t comfortable with the idea.
  • Petal thrower and Ring Bearer – What child doesn’t love throwing things on the floor! Getting your flowergirl to sprinkle petals on the aisle is a lovely way of keeping her focused on a task rather than all the people looking at her. Likewise, little boys will love being ‘ring security’ for the ceremony.
  • Readings and Prayers – this is great for children who are a little bit older and more confident. Have them go in groups or with an adult they know so they don’t feel overwhelmed on their own.
  • Official Confetti giver – this is a lovely job for little ones and they will love it! Put them in charge of giving guests packets of confetti or bubbles, they will thin its great fun.
  • Mini Usher – Children love being treated like big girls and boys so tasking them to hand out ceremony booklets alongside the adult ushers is a great way to get them involved.

Top Tips

  • A good tip is to get them to practice going up the aisle with people watching so that they get used to it. Even the most outgoing children can freeze on the day and refuse so it’s a good idea to have a back-up plan!
  • Make sure they know where their parents will be sitting
  • Assign them a helper within the bridal party so they know who to ask if they need anything or are feeling overwhelmed
  • Bring a change of clothes! While they may look pretty is a princess dress or mini tux, it’s important for them to be comfortable so bring a change of clothes for the reception so they can run around freely.
  • Have snacks! This is a good tip for the entire Bridal Party but in particular for children as it can be a long day and they will be hungry between the ceremony and meal time.

For a child whose parent or parents are getting married then be sure to include them in the ceremony. Ask the celebrant to mention them by name and maybe consider including them in the Unity Candle ceremony as it’s a symbol of bringing everyone together.

Once the ceremony is over its time to relax, talk to friends and enjoy the evening. By this stage the children have been well behaved for a few hours and now need to let off some steam! Adding a few extras to keep them entertained while the adults relax is a great idea and the parents will love you for it!

Ideas to entertain kids at Weddings

  • Bouncy Castle and Lawn Games – these work well if you are having a Marquee Wedding or hosting in a venue that has outside space for the drinks reception. It means parents can still mingle and relax while keeping an eye on the kiddies playing away.
  • Play Station – No not the computer game (although if you have teenagers attending this would be an idea). Set up an area within the venue with toys and games, the parents can then take turns to keep an eye on the children while they entertain themselves.
  • Activity Packs – these can be a life saver during the speeches! Put together little bags for each child of items that are age appropriate that will keep them entertained. Colouring books and quiet toys are always popular. If you speeches are after the meal then produce the Activity packs just before they start. We love these cute little packs from Forget Me Not. Activit packs for children at weddings. how to entertain kids at a wedding
  • Added extras – Kids (and adults) love to see a Candy Cart or Chocolate Fountain at a Wedding. Having it available at the drinks reception will keep them entertained while they wait for dinner. You could even go a step further and have a Donut Station or Popcorn Van.
  • Photo Booth or Selfie Station – Another big hit with both kids and adults! Your younger guests will get lots of fun having fun photos taken with their cousins and friends.


  • Ask your venue to have soft drinks and some cookies available for little ones so that they have some refreshments just for them
  • Have Child Friendly meal options. It’s worth checking in advance what the children will eat so that your venue can be prepared.
  • Hire the Professionals! If you have lots of little ones at your wedding it may be worthwhile booking someone to help keep them entertained. We love Art and Soul who take your little ones off to another area and keep them entertained with fun crafts. Another fabulous idea is to hire the Wedding Crechers who come along and set up a play area and fun activities and keep the children entertained for hours!
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