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Your Engagement Survival Guide!

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You’re engaged! Now what?

Congratulations! Getting engaged is such an exciting time and a Christmas engagement is always extra special. Whether or not it was a surprise engagement, the best bit is always the celebrations and the congratulations from family friends and loved ones. One thing you may notice, is that as soon as you announce your engagement people inevitably start talking weddings! This is only natural giving that engagements are often the first step to a wedding but it can be overwhelming when everyone starts asking questions and giving their opinion.

 So with this in mind we have compiled 5 easy steps to surviving and enjoying your engagement announcement!

Your Engagement Survival Guide

Keep it to yourselves!

We know, we know – you are bursting to share your news with everyone but take a moment to digest it yourselves first. Once you tell everyone then it takes on a whole new form and that lovey dovey ‘I said yes!’ bubble can get burst very quickly. Take a little time to celebrate, just the two of you and to bask in the bubble of love.

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Family first!

Ok so once you’ve had time to digest your big news and you are ready to tell everyone you need to do it the right way. Don’t post it on Instagram before you’ve told your granny, there’s a pecking order and in general family comes first and once they all know then you can spread the word  #engaged

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Size matters!

Ok so he’s done really well and bought you a fabulous diamond ring that you love and can’t wait to show off to everyone. It’s so difficult to buy the ring in the correct size ad quite often it needs resized. As much as you want to wear it right now – don’t be tempted to wear it if it’s too big and risk losing it. Better to be without it for a few days than run the risk of being without it always!

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Promise in haste, repent at leisure!

It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment and want to involve others in your plans. Take your time before asking people to be involved with your wedding – you might not be getting married for a year or two and relationships change. Don’t get carried away and ask you all the girls in your gang to be bridesmaids unless you are 100% sure that it’s going to fit in with your plans (and budget!) down the line.

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Don’t start wedding planning!

This may seem like an odd one but trust us; we have been there and wish we’d had this advice! Take time to think about what type of wedding you want, what’s your style, budget, when you want to do it etc. before you launch full into the planning process and until you have decided what YOU both want then don’t share your plans (unless you want EVERYONES opinion). There’s nothing like the hint of a wedding to bring out the inner Wedding Planner in everyone from your brother to your great Aunt Margaret!

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