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Just Engaged? Your First Wedding Planning To-Dos

Congratulations on your engagement! The engagement celebrations are over and you may be feeling a little confused about what happens next? That’s normal! We have 10 things that will help you to start planning your special day!

Set a Timetable

The second you get engaged, everyone will be asking when the big day is. Picking the date doesn’t happen overnight, you need to sit down with your other half and select a number of dates that will work for you both and of course for all the family, you don’t want your wedding to clash with a relatives big day. The date will also depend on the church and venue! Breath.. focus and be realistic!

The average engagement lasts around 15 months so don’t rush in!

Style and Location

Before you even think dresses, flowers, cakes or band, discuss what would make your wedding day perfect and most of all unique to you and your fiancé, is it an intimate venue with immediate family, a beach wedding, festival theme wedding or a traditional wedding? Here are some questions that you both must consider: Big wedding or intimate wedding? At home in your local area or a destination wedding? Have you a theme in mind? Church or ceremony?

Do your research online, check out wedding magazines for ideas and put a mood board together. Make it fun and play around with different themes.

Set Your Budget

Be realistic when setting your budget, it is really easy to go over budget when planning your wedding. At the early stages of planning discuss with your families and see if they plan to contribute. It can be an uncomfortable conversation to have, but it’s better to get it out of the way now so you have a realistic picture about what you can spend. Use one of the many online wedding budget planners to keep you on track!

Spend on what is important to you and cut cost on things that aren’t as important.

Start a Wedding Savings Account

Remember that even a simple small wedding costs money.  The earlier you start saving the better. A wedding savings account is an easy way to keep cash accumulating for the big day. Open a basic savings account at any bank or credit union. Be realistic about what you can achieve and how much you can afford to save each month. But make sure to keep a little aside for date nights.

Guest List

Make a list with your fiancé of who you would like to invite, invite your parents over for an evening to look over the list with you as each parent will want to add to your list. At this stage discuss if you’re inviting plus ones and children. Your guest list will also depend on your wedding venue as you may be limited with how many people that they can accommodate. Realistically 17% of your guest list will not be able to attend your wedding due to other commitments. At this stage, you could start a spreadsheet with the guest addresses, phone numbers, and notes including dietary requirements.

Insure Your Engagement Ring

No matter how careful you are, the peace of mind that engagement ring insurance will give you and your fiancé is worth it. Your engagement ring will last a long time so having it properly covered against loss, theft or accidental damage will make sure you and your partner will have a few less restless nights. Most home insurance policies have the optional extra of adding all risks cover to your policy. Make sure to ask your insurer when taking out, or renewing, your house insurance policy if they offer this type of cover.

Choose Your Bridal Party

The earlier you chose your bridal party, the sooner you can enlist their help. Your bridal party will be by your side on one of the most important days of your life, so, you need to pick wisely. Pick friends or siblings that you know will support you not only on your wedding day but also in the run up to the wedding.

Be creative and fun when “proposing” to your bridal party as this is a really meaningful moment for you and your bridal party.

Consider a Wedding Planner

If you’re a super-busy couple, have demanding jobs or have big (read: complicated) dreams for your wedding weekend, then you should hire a full-time wedding planner to help you prepare your entire event, from the engagement party to the honeymoon. However, you may find that your dedicated wedding coordinator at your wedding venue will be of great assistance to you in the run up to your wedding day. Choose a wedding venue that will only host one wedding a day so that your wedding coordinator will give you their undivided attention on your wedding day.

Book your venue

Choosing your wedding venue will be one of the most important decisions that you and your fiancé will make when planning your wedding. There are so many options to choose from so it is recommended that before booking your wedding show around pick your top 3 venues and only view these venues. Do your research before your appointments and have a list of questions that you want to ask and take plenty of notes as in the excitement you might forget important information. Make sure to go home and discuss all options together and work out budgets. Arrange another appointment with the venue if feel that you have more questions.

Fall in love with your venue and make sure that it feels special to you both!

Book your wedding suppliers

Many top wedding photographers, bands, and other in-demand vendors are hired more than a year in advance, and once they’re booked, they’re gone. Do not leave this to chance as you could be really disappointed. Attend wedding fayres to meet with wedding suppliers in the local area, however, don’t commit to the first suppliers you meet, do your research online and have a look at their social media channels.

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