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We got married in Harvey’s at the end of June and all we can say about Harvey’s is wow! Harvey’s Point was an absolutely sensational place for us to get married – top notch service provided in a down to earth and relaxed manner, one of the best decisions either of us will ever make!

The venue itself is amazing, beautiful scenery, both the ballroom and the conference center where we had our ceremony are both beautiful settings.

However, it was the staff that really made the day so special. The attention to detail was incredible. As a very small example, I had mentioned months before in passing that I had a preferred beer as I cannot drink wine, and all throughout the day all the staff were aware of this and provided me with that particular beer that I had mentioned ages before, which was a lovely touch. There are many more examples of amazing small details like that – all the staff could not have been more helpful and were not just completely professional, but also were able to do it in a way that was down to earth and not stuffy – we and the attendees were made feel so relaxed throughout the day. Everybody who was at the wedding cannot stop talking about the day and in particular the venue, if I had a penny for the amount of times I have heard ‘you can see why it wins best wedding venue in Ireland every year’ since the wedding I would be a very rich man!

In relation to planning for the wedding, the two wedding reps who we dealt with, Samantha and Joanne, could not have been nicer, incredibly professional throughout but also very friendly and made us feel very welcome throughout the planning process and we are very grateful to them for making the planning so much easier.

In summary, we could not recommend Harvey’s Point enough. Both ourselves and the guests were blown away by how amazing the venue and the staff were, and we will always hold both in a special place in our heart as they helped make our wedding day the best day of our lives.

Ciaran 9th August 2017