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Once we viewed Harvey’s Point we knew it was the perfect venue – everything is included in the package so there was nothing extra to worry about or to add so no hidden costs and all very affordable. The setting on Lough Eske is stunning and the ballroom is gorgeous with a nice top table, lower dancefloor with tables all around and huge bar area. I knew HP had a huge reputation for outstanding food and this was the main feedback after the wedding- it was just amazing. We had 2 courses served and then the ‘dessert bar’ – basically a room full of desserts which guests can select and basically have whatever they want!

The staff also made the wedding, they really couldn’t do enough and they throw in a few surprises which I won’t spoil for any future couples. The rooms you stay in are huge, luxurious and a real treat – and that is for the guests too. The different layers of the room (slightly sunken dancefloor) meant that the room will never look to bare or too packed and only 1 table had to be moved from the dancefloor meaning minimal disruption to guests.

While every couple knows it can rain on their wedding day, we could never have planned for how much it actually did rain (Storm Abigail). Little did I know that our venue turned out to be the perfect option for this situation-there are so many alcoves & areas to take images and outdoor walkways that are actually covered but looked like we were outside. This was a lifesaver for us and our photographer as we still had loads of options despite the torrential rain. The guests hardly noticed as they were cosy in the bar beside a roaring fire and drinks.

I couldn’t recommend Harvey’s Point enough, it is a little bit of heaven in Donegal (we traveled from Tyrone/Leitrim), the staff make it all so easily, high food reputation and lots of extra touches meaning you really don’t have to worry about anything!

Clare 9th December 2016