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LGBT Weddings in Ireland

On Monday the 16th of November 2015 Marriage Equality law was signed which was a great day for Wayne & DJ. They were so delighted that on Tuesday the 17th of November to have a very intimate marriage ceremony here in Harvey’s Point which made them the first same sex marriage in Donegal. We were all so delighted to share this milestone occasion. All Wayne and DJ ever wanted was recognition of their union and to be a married couple. It was truly a historical day here with Wayne & DJ.

Love and Marriage   .. Love and Marriage .. goes together like a Horse and Carriage !

At Harvey’s Point we have lost count of the number of weddings we have had the honour of Hosting. Wedding Parties have come literally from the 4 corners of the World to enjoy the spectacular setting and the unique personal touch that makes for a magical wedding day celebration here at Harvey’s Point. Not to mention the Palatial Suites, delicious Food and attention to detail for which Harvey’s Point is justifiably renowned. We leave no pebble on the shores of our beautiful Lough Eske unturned to ensure the memories will forever linger and that for evermore Harvey’s Point becomes a big part of the love store that culminated in the most special of wedding day celebrations.

We live in an ever evolving World of tradition mixed with modern twists. We have also progressed to a more equal society for everyone and we applaud the fact that discrimination and suchlike have thankfully started to disappear. We now live in a Country that offers everyone an equal status and place in society.

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This positive change is nowhere more to be seen more clearly in recent years than in the area of Marriage. At Harvey’s Point we watched and applauded as same sex unions were fully recognized in all their complexities, and given the rightful understanding, rights and legal standing as all other marriage unions. As with all change this has been difficult for some but thankfully, and we now see ourselves here at Harvey’s Point, that all such marriages, whatever their personal situation have become not only accepted but celebrated .

We say Horray to that !

We have hosted a number of same sex marriages in the past few years. Perhaps it is because these weddings never happened, that now these wedding are even more joyous occasions. We really enjoy these weddings and for us they have an extra dimension that we try to recognize and celebrate.

Ireland made history by becoming the first country in the world to introduce full civil marriage equality for all.

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At Harvey’s Point we have always supported equality. Everyone of whatever class or creed, nationality, sexual orientation or indeed those who are just different, are welcomed as part of our Harvey’s Point Family. That lush red carpet welcome awaits all and we take pride in the fact that we have always celebrated positive change and integration of everyone in a changing Ireland. The same applies to our recruitment policy. We have a most diverse Team who appreciate this openness and acceptance and we appreciate the many talents they have brought to Harvey’s Point All of this has enhanced our Guest offering in every way.

Let us, at Harvey’s Point, be it Bride and Groom, Bride and Bride, or Groom and Groom, assure you that the warmest welcome awaits here in this most special Hotel. It is truly here in every respect that on your wedding day two truly become one and we have the team and the understanding to make that special day even more special.

We look forward to hosting your Wedding!

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Couldn’t have dreamed for a better day

Choosing where to host our big day wasn't a difficult decision. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Harvey's Point had an established reputation for delivering an excellent service with high quality food and drink. Not forgetting the stunning surroundings and friendly staff members. Shortly after our engagement Karol and I went to a wedding Continue Reading

Kirsty & Karol 5th October 2015

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